Scribe™ a mobile publishing application for bloggers, and is
currently available in beta for Symbian 3rd Edition devices.


Please note: Scribe™ uses Python For S60. I've come across several bugs in the current release for
which there is no immediate fix (mainly to do with sockets / connections). Scribe™ generally
works fine, but may be a little finicky until these issues are resolved. - Jay

Visit #scribe on Jaiku for feedback and user discussions  


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ROK Tak™
Symbian Guru

Symbian Freak

Scribe™ allows you to create, edit, and publish entries on your WordPress-powered blog from anywhere, using just your mobile handset. Check out an initial review and some screenshots here.

's really easy to join the Scribe™ beta, no sign-up is required:

  1. Visit this site from your mobile browser (Optional)
  2. Install Python for S60 using:
  3. Install Scribe™ for S60 using:
  4. You'll then find Scribe™ in your Applications folder!

 The first time you run Scribe™ it will ask for your blog settings.

Scribe™ is very new, so please stop by the #scribe Jaiku channel to keep updated and give me some feedback! If you don't have a Jaiku invite, you can get one at Jaiku Invites.

Enjoy :o)